It's Time to Move On!

The original purpose of Against Modern Browsers was to promote independent browsers that did not use Chrome's Blink engine, but why are we fighting for a lost cause? Everyone else chose corporations over communities, convenience over privacy, and complex web standards over simple design. All independent projects such as Gemini and NetSurf haven't gotten anywhere and never will replace Google's internet. The old internet is not coming back. It's time to get over it and move on.

We just have to accept that Chrome is the standard and there is nothing we can do. Why should anyone have to develop for a platform that nobody uses? There is still hope, however, as alternatives to Google Chrome do exist. Almost all of them are built on Chromium technology but remove Google's tracking to provide users with a more private browsing experience.

I do not recommend Firefox because it uses it's own rendering engine instead of Blink. If Mozilla was smart, they would drop Firefox and become a research company, contributing to the Chromium project. People shouldn't have to develop for a platform that almost nobody uses. If Firefox drops Gecko and becomes a Chromium-based browser, all compatibility and speed issues would be resolved. A Chromium-based Firefox would be the ideal alternative to Chrome for privacy, security, and customization. The internet is much better today than it was many years ago since corporations are now uniting to develop one browser, one standard, for everyone.

I recommend reading the following to learn more about browsers, privacy, and security.

This page was last updated on 2021-06-30.